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  • Recycling of X-rays

    Schmidt + Kampshoff provides its customers with a range of reliable services – professionally disposing and destroying x-rays.

  • A well-known name in the international film business

    Based in Germany, we are one of the largest film recyclers in Europe serving customers from the whole of Europe and beyond. Our above-average recycling rates speak for themselves – high quality recycling that is well worth its while.

We make the very most of your materials

Film can’t be recycled in an instant – but carefully, step by step

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  • We think ahead – and not only about our own business

    Fair payment methods, sustainable strategies and safe processes – these are the guiding principles behind our operations and we are not satisfied until everyone benefits from our work: and not only us, our customers and our partners but also the environment.

    Deals that make everyone happy

    Our film recycling business is absolutely fair. When we accept old film, we use a transparent payment system which is always based on the current market prices. If you wish, we can pay you after your silver has been recovered and processed.

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  • Keeping the environment safe

    We not only meet the minimum environmental regulations and standards – we exceed them. The way we treat the water used to wash the film is just one example here. We are, therefore, making an important contribution towards protecting the environment.

    An officially good business

    We specialise in the recycling and disposal of X-ray films. Both our accreditation as a specialist waste management business in acc. with the ‘KrWG’ [German Circular Economy Law] and the permit issued to our recycling facility in acc. with the ‘BimSchG’ [Federal Emissions Control Act] document the high quality of our work.

    Your data is important to us – which is why we implement the highest data protection standards, as can be seen by the Data Protection Certificate issued to us in line with DIN SPEC 66399-3/ISO/IEC 21964 (protection classes 1 to 3, security levels P7, F7 and P4). We are committed to confidentiality in accordance with Art. 203 ‘StGB’ [German Federal Criminal Code] and hereby confirm that the whole of our recycling and disposal process complies with the GDPR.

    Further information can be found here.

Always there for you whenever you need us!

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  • Customer-oriented

    Working with each other means talking to each other. Our specialists will give you the professional and expert advice you need before your film is actually recycled.

  • Approachable

    Simply use our contact form to let us know what you need or to ask us any questions you may have about recycling film. Our staff will provide you with the information you need asap!

  • Easy to find

    Would you like to visit us? ? No problem! Simply arrange an appointment with us and click here to find the directions (PDF document) to our offices.

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  • Responsible for the content as per Article 6 ‘TDG’ [Federal Teleservices Act] and Article 6 ‘MDStV’ [German Interstate Treaty on Media Services]

    Schmidt + Kampshoff GmbH
    Krommerter Weg 56-58
    46414 Rhede Germany

    T: +49 (0)2872 948103 
    F: +49 (0)2872 6757
    @mail: info@kampshoff.de 


    Registry court: Amtsgericht Coesfeld, HRB 8855 // Managing Directors: Violetta Maniszewski, Marc Speckenmeyer
    Bank details: Commerzbank Dortmund, Account no. 01 930 981, Bank code 440 400 37, IBAN DE68 4404 0037 0193 098 100, Swift-BIC: COBADEFF 440

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    VAT identification number: DE209418865

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  • We would like to welcome you to our website and we are very pleased that you are interested in our services and products. We are well aware that you attach great importance to having your privacy protected when you use our site. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The following, therefore, provides information about what and how much personal data we save and how we use it in acc. with Section 13 Paragraph 1 of the ‘TMG’ [Federal Teleservices Act].

    General information

    A certain amount of data is automatically collected and used when you call up information on our website. As the Internet is the way it is, such data is inevitably processed on many different servers before your enquiry reaches our web server; it is possible, therefore, that data is collected and used in a “third country” (e.g. in the USA). Our company has no influence whatsoever on such matters. Besides these technical inevitabilities, we do not transfer personal information to countries outside the framework of the EU Data Protection Directive.

    Calling up our websites

    The following data is collected and used to enable you to access the websites you wish to see (when you “surf” the net):

    • Date & time (We can use this to pinpoint the time and use this information to, for example, assign a technical problem to a particular time.)
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    • Miscellaneous: For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned here that your browser may also send additional information to our web server (name of the browser, screen resolution etc). We do not, of course, have influence on such matters. This information is also stored in the above-mentioned log files.

    This data is stored in log files under an anonymised IP address for 7 days to ensure that our web server operates correctly; it is impossible for us, therefore, to link our visitors to the IP addresses.


    Cookies are small amounts of data that are sent to your computer by your browser and stored on your hard drive. We use so-called “session cookies”. These help to create a clear link between you and our website. A randomly generated number is used to do this. The cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser. Our website uses the following cookies:

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    You can disable cookies in your browser. For the most part, our website is still fully functional if you choose to do this (a unique ID is added in the URL so that you are recognised as a visitor).

    Contact form

    You can send us a message via our contact form. The content added to this form is sent as an email to us. We only use the content of your emails to benefit you and never pass on your email address for advertising purposes. The contact form itself is not encrypted so that the information is transmitted across the Internet as plain text.
    If you wish to use a secure form of transmission, then please note the following: if your email provider also has TLS encryption, simply send us an email to info@kampshoff.de; the email is then sent in encrypted form.

    If you wish to use a secure form of transmission, then please note the following: if your email provider also has TLS encryption, simply send us an email to info@kampshoff.de; the email is then sent in encrypted form.

    Encryption technology

    Our email server enables TLS encryption for all email addresses that have the format: username@kampshoff.de. It is, therefore, no problem to send us confidential emails. The only precondition here is that your own email server has this function; you can find out – free of charge – whether this is the case by clicking on the following link www.checktls.com

    Bookmarking pages

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